OTDR PC Analysis training course OP-464 allows you to generate OTDR reports quickly

OTDR Trace Analysis

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Quick Overview

OTDR Trace Analysis and Report Generation course OP-464 will teach you how to process OTDR Traces and generate reports such as splice exception reports and Bi-directional splice loss summaries. This one day course will mean you can take the hard work out of trace processing and drastically reduce the time you spend. View Datasheet

OTDR Trace Analysis OP-464 is a 1-day course in analysing OTDR trace information on a PC.  Processing OTDR data and producing reports can be time consuming. So take the hard work and time out of this through our OTDR Trace Analysis course. We will show you how to order the data, make it consistent and make sure all events on all traces are measured. Once this is done, you will be able to print reports as simple trace/event tables. In addition you will be able to print specialised formats such as exception reports and bi-directional splice loss reports.



  • Create Trace Folders
  • Store Traces and Trace Reports
  • Open Networks & Create a new Trace List
  • Select the Traces to add
  • Operating the Software and GUI
  • Set Preferences to adjust trace processing
  • Set Preferences to adjust trace display
  • How to Change the Trace List



  • The Batch Processing Menu
  • Batch Processing a Header
  • Removal of Launch and Tail Cables
  • Batch Processing Files to make them Consistent
  • Printing Traces and Event Tables



  • Building the Smart Splice Template
  • Applying the Splice Template
  • Generating Reports
  • Checking The Filename Convention
  • File Ordering
  • Loading Traces from Both Directions
  • Print Trace Summary, Exception, Fibre Acceptance Reports
  • Print a Bi-Directional splice Summary Report



View the OP-464 Datasheet

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