A one day fibre training course Introduction to fibre optics showing various activities including splicing, testing and terminating

Introduction to Fibre Optics

Sku: OP-410

Quick Overview

Introduction to Fibre Optics Course OP-410 is designed for individuals who need a grounding in fibre optic technology – to understand the principles and master the basic skills. OP-410 is a one day course and starts with an overview of the technology followed by a series of 10 practical exercises. A Workbook is used to document the exercises and a Training Note book provides a reference guide.


Introduction to Fibre Optics Course OP-410 is a one day course covering the basic skills used in installing fibre optic networks. We start with a technical overview of key factors such as fibre types, wavelengths, cables, connectors and splicing. We go on to show methods of testing the fibre network using source and meters and OTDRs.

Following this you will undertake 10 practical exercises lasting 5 hours and these are supported by a workbook and training notes. The course is suitable for anyone looking to understand the principles of fibre optics and cover the fundamental skills used in the industry.

Practical Exercises

  • Splicing Practice – How to operate and maintain a fusion splicer and cleaver.
  • Fibre & Cable Preparation – Preparation of a cable ready for splicing and jointing, including cable sheath removal, buffer tube removal and fibre cleaning.
  • Making and Testing a Termination Joint and Wall Box connection – You will connect a fibre patch panel to a small wall-mount termination box, and you will test the quality of the link with a source and meter. This demonstrates how to splice pigtails on to a route cable between termination joints and how to test the link.
  • Mechanical Splicing – Where fusion splicers are not available, this offers a good alternative.
  • Use of a Visible Light Source to check continuity and fault find – A basic but important tool for fault finding.
  • Insertion Loss Measurement with source and meter – An essential test when a fibre network is commissioned.
  • OTDR Practice – The key fault locating device which is also used for commissioning. Set up of main parameters, pulse width, range, resolution and averaging time.
  • Connector Cleaning – The best ways to clean connectors.
  • Connector inspection – A key skill is to be able to identify faults on the surface of a connector using a microscope.
  • Mechanical Splice On Connector Termination – How to terminate a Fujikura FAST Mechanical Splice optical termination onto an optical fibre.


Training Notes




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