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VLS35 compact visual fault locator

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The KD Optics VLS35 is a small, easy to use, hand-held visible light source used for testing fibre optic cable installations. It is especially useful when testing fibre optic cables close to the terminal equipment. The unit is cigarette packet sized with a long battery life, making it ideal for local fault finding and continuity checking of singlemode fibres.

The output wavelength is 635nm, which is approximately nine times brighter than other units operating at 670nm, which means a break or loss is much easier to see, the light can even pass through jacketed cables containing kevlar.


  • 635nm Visible Laser
  • Pigtailed output
  • 9V alkaline battery gives approx.
  • 30 hours life (flash mode)
  • Low cost
  • Fibre continuity testing
  • Local fault finding around the ODF
  • Visual alignment of mechanical splices
  • Visual location of faults in patch panels, splice trays etc.

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