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Hire the Swift KF4A  with 5 functions in one machine. Strip, clean, cleave, splice and sleeve the fibre. Working at height or in a confined space, this small and compact splicer is the best tool for the job. It’s also ideal for FTTx installations, datacomm and renewable energy applications.

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Hire the KF4A splicer and make splicing easier and faster with this all-in-one fusion splicer. Never again will you have to juggle cleaver, hand strippers and alcohol bottles when you’re up a pole or working on a ladder. The KF4A Splicer has everything safely in one unit: a splicer, oven, a built-in heat stripper, precision cleaver and alcohol dispenser. You can splice connectors directly to fibre, repair cables – and make your own pigtails and bespoke patch cords on site.

The 4-motor active cladding alignment means losses are low and the built-in heat stripper also gives high strength splices. The Swift KF4A offers you all the flexibility, capability and productivity you’ll need.

View the KF4A Datasheet Here!

All-In-One Design:

Hire the KF4A splicer and get all the tools you need on one device. The fibre stripper, alcohol dispenser and cleaver are built into the splicer and it’s light enough to wear with a work harness. This means you won’t lose or drop anything when working at height. So
now you can focus on getting the job done quickly, professionally and safely.

Heat Stripping:

There are many advantages of heat stripping the fibre and if you only use hand
strippers, there is a risk that the fibre will get damaged – which causes weak
splices and link failure. But, with the KF4A the built-in heat stripper softens and
rips the coating off the fibre without touching the glass leading to undamaged fibre and high strength splices.


The auto-rotating cleaver blade moves around after each cleave which ensures
better cleaving, while also reducing the need for maintenance. There’s a built-in
fibre chip collector too, ensuring you always have the safest working
environment possible.

Alcohol Dispenser:

A one-touch pump action dispenser is built into the splicer. It’s placed between
the stripper and cleaver – so it’s easy to refill.

Fibre Holders:

When you hire the KF4A splicer you can opt for it to be shipped with a range of fibre holders, cable holders and connector holders so that you can terminate splice on connectors. So if you need to make your own bespoke patch cords, the KF4A is your ideal solution.




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