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MT9083 mini OTDR

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The Access Master MT9083 OTDR is the all-in-one field measuring instrument for installation and maintenance of optical networks. The MT9083 OTDR is the only compact, lightweight, all-in-one optical test solution containing all the functions required for installing and maintaining optical fiber-to-the-x (FTTx), access, metro, and LAN networks as well as providing an assured (not “typical” value) 1 m dead zone capability in every unit for troubleshooting short fibers. It offers the strongest OTDR engine built on Anritsu's leading OTDR technology and a new user interface that is easier to use than any other.
Many OTDRs claim to be able to test splitter-based, passive optical networks (PON) but the MT9083 delivers in a way others wish they could. With its high dynamic range and quick data acquisition, the MT9083 provides unparalleled resolution of single or closely spaced, cascaded splitters up to an industry-leading 1 × 128 count.

Until now, installing and maintaining optical networks required technicians to carry a variety of equipment which was not only cumbersome but also expensive. Now the MT9083 offers the widest range of functions at a very competitive price. The instruments feature multiple wavelengths and options to satisfy any network testing requirement: access or metro, FTTx or LAN – all without straining your budget.


Three Models
• MT9083A2: General purpose, good range, up to 38 dB.
• MT9083B2: High performance, enhanced range with full 1 × 64 PON support, up to 42 dB.
• MT9083C2: Ultra-high performance, enhanced range with full 1 × 128 PON support, up to 45 dB.

• Ready to test in about 15 seconds…and all day without recharging
• Specialized testing modes simplify operation
• High resolution and high dynamic range ensure quick and through fiber evaluation
• Intelligent analysis software identifies problem splices, connectors and even macrobends
• Rugged, sealed design provides years of service in the most challenging environments
• IP testing option verifies throughput, frame loss and point-to-point connectivity
• Test up to four wavelengths with a single unit - single mode, multimode or both
• Unique in-service testing without the need for external filters
• Verify connector quality with optional connector inspection microscope

8 hour battery life
Portable & Rugged
1000 trace storage and 3000 trace store to USB stick
Easy “drag and drop” File Transfers
The MT9083 supports the universal Telcordia SR-4731
Free and Simple Software Upgrades
Active fiber check
Integrated Macrobend Detection
Wavelength options for Today’s Networks 780,850,1300,1310,1383,1490,1550,1625,1650nm
An event dead zone of less than 1 m (80 cm typical)
Extended Range Testing of 200 + km Fibers
Full PON Testing
Dual-Mode High Resolution/Enhanced Range Operation
Event Table with User Defined Thresholds
Waveform Comparison Function
Simple Operation
Quickly locate and measure all splices with the on-the-fly template feature
Remote Command Support via SCPI commands integrates the MT9083 to remote fibre monitoring

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