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The CMA 5000 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) application reduces the time to install, commission and maintain fibre spans via high performance hardware and easy-to-use software. Featuring a multitude of single mode and multimode wavelengths, up to 50 dB of dynamic range and dead zones as small as 1 meter, the OTDR application is the ideal solution for testing long-haul backbone networks, Metropolitan Optical Networks (MON) and FTTP deployments that incorporate Passive Optical Networks (PON).

The CMA 5000 reduces the cost of measurement through ultra-fast data acquisition. Up to 80% of the dynamic range is achieved in under 30 seconds saving valuable time and expense when compared to other solutions that require three minutes to complete their test. In addition, real time updates of 1/10 second instantaneously provide information for easier connector and splice optimization.

The CMA 5000 OTDR application also provides unparalled ease of use for the novice or the fibre expert through dedicated test modes which simplify and automate tests for any application from fibre reel validation measurements to Long-haul, Metro or PON applications. In addition, tri-wavelength OTDR modules simplify multiple band fibre characterization covering O-, S-, C- and L-band, while adding Loss Test Set and Visual Fault Locator (VFL) functions into the OTDR module further reduces inventory and increases portability.

The CMA 5000 OTDR application, when combined with the Polarization Mode Dispersion, Chromatic Dispersion, ORL and Video Inspection Probe applications, becomes the most comprehensive fibre characterization tool available.


  • Extremely high resolution (0.5 meter resolution at 125km and 1 meter resolution at 250km)
  • Superior analysis software for accurate and consistent event detection and classification
  • Unequaled reflectance and ORL accuracy with an exclusive troubleshooting mode
  • Up to 256,000 data points for unparalleled trace resolution

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