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MT9090 Micro OTDR Training

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The MT9090 is a handheld OTDR with the power of a full size instrument and is the ideal OTDR for testing access networks and networks that include optical splitters such as PONs.

During the course you will learn how to adjust the test parameters such as pulse width, range and averaging time and will learn how to position markers, measure length, loss and reflectance. By the end of the course you will be fully proficient in operating the MT9090 and interpreting the results.

Duration:2 Days
Please contact our office for the next available dates.


The course includes an introduction to OTDR testing followed by eight practice sessions in using the MT9090 micro OTDR. This is the smallest OTDR in the Anritsu range of instruments.

(1) Introduction to OTDR testing
(2) MT9090 Setup
(3) Commissioning a fibre network
(4) Fault finding in a fibre network
(5) Fibre Optimizer
(6) PON testing
(7) Bare Fibre Testing
(8) PC analysis of traces


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