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MW82119A Transmit Frequency Range

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Passive intermodulation (PIM) is interference generated by the downlink signals at a cell site interacting with non-linear junctions or non-linear materials (PIM sources) in the RF path. These PIM sources act like a mixer, generating new frequencies that are mathematical combinations of the downlink frequencies present. PIM that falls in an operator’s uplink band can elevate the noise floor, resulting in higher dropped call rates, higher access failures and lower data transmission rates.


The third order intermodulation products (IM3) typically represent the worst case condition of these unwanted signals. By measuring the magnitude of the IM3 produced by the test signals F1 and F2, operators are able to characterize the linearity of that system. The higher the linearity, the lower IM3 will be. When the linearity of the system is improved, all IM products that might fall in an operator’s uplink band can be reduced to a level that will not cause interference.

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