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Swift S3 fusion splicer

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The Swift S3 splicer from Ilsintech of South Korea produces very low loss splices, is easy to operate and offers a flexible solution to connector termination in the field.
Equipped with a touch screen and standard button controls as an alternative the user has full command of all splicing functions and the ability to customise a fusion splicer as never before. The Swift S3 has a very fast operation and comes equipped with two heatshrink ovens to maximise productivity.

In addition it offers the facility to splice not just 250 and 900 micron coated fibres but also 2 to 3mm tight buffered cables, indoor cables and loose tube cables.
It also has an option for splicing connectors directly on to fibres. This is ideal for applications where you are short of space, can't use a joint box, where need to make repairs or for fibre to the home applications. It also allows you to make up your own patch cords and pigtails when you need them.


Swift S3 - The ultimate performance
• Ultra Low Loss Splicing
• Resistance to Shock, Rain and Dust
• Powerful Battery with Large Capacity (250 splices)
• Dual Sleeve Heater, 2000 splices from one pair of electrodes
• Smallest, Lightest & Fastest Core alignment unit available
• 4.3 inch Colour LCD Monitor with Touch Panel
• Attached Sleeve Loader & Night Light 

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