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The FHR3A Fiberanger provides an easy to use, high performance optical fibre troubleshooter for locating fibre breaks and imperfections. It detects the break location in the optical fibre and displays the distance on the LCD screen. This portable, easy to use fibre ranger is an ideal instrument for fibre cable construction and maintenance where a full OTDR trace is not required and at under £1,000 it is affordable.


  1. Low Dead Zone of only 10 metres;
  2. Distance to the end event displayed in metres
  3. Model FHR3A02 will find reflective & non reflective events
  4. Model FHR3A03 will find the fibre end
  5. Back-light LCD display;
  6. Rechargeable batteries support up to 5000 measurements;
  7. Data transmission & storage through mini USB connection;
  8. Built in Visual Fault Locator with 10km range


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