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The Mantaro Network Intelligence Solutions (MNIS™) Collector is a software application that stores network traffic metadata extracted by the MNIS™ Exporter in a readily useable database format, log file, or both. The Collector receives IPFIX and Content data packets from the MNIS™ Exporter through a TCP/IP socket, parses them and stores the metadata persistently. The persistent storage that the Collector provides simplifies the process of running real time or forensic analysis on the data produced by the MNIS™ Exporter. The Collector is a high performance multi-threaded software application that runs on Linux.
The MNIS™ Collector organizes the protocol attributes in the database such that the information is readily retreivable. This allows rapid development of custom applications tailored to suit a variety of needs.
The MNIS™ Collector (CX-10) currently supports writing to log files and MySQL and Teradata database. Future versions will support Oracle and IBM as well.

Key Features:
Scalable and robust architecture
Standardized software solution
Several database options
Complete database schema
Log file output
Content file management and storage
Ease of configuration
Multiple connections supported


 - Runs on standard Linux
- Runs on any 64-bit COTS x86
- Intuitive GUI interface
- Supports connections from
multiple MNIS Exporters

Data Collection & Storage Features
- IPFIX standards based
information export
- Storage to database
> Teradata
> Oracle & IBM (future)
- Over 3000 metadata attributes
- Stored data readily available to
a broad suite of off the shelf
tools available to analyze
database content
- Multiple simultaneous access

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