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MU909060A Handheld GigE Analyzer

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Perfect solution for installation and commissioning of Ethernet links
The MU909060A GigE module in the compact MT9090A Access Master  provides a compact, handy and easy to use GigE tester.
With a large colour screen and Test Automator, and PDF report generator the unit is the ideal test tool for field engineers.

Easily perform electrical cable tests, ping tests, bandwidth verification (RFC2544 option), BERT, traffic generation and reception and a Multistream (option


• Dedicated tool for installation, commissioning and troubleshooting on Ethernet links: fast and cost-effective solution to test and verify 10/100/1000 Mbps electrical and 100/1000 Mbps optical Ethernet links
• Ideal and essential mate of each field technician: this palm sized, lightweight, and rugged tester provides reliable measurements in every environment, with a start-up time of approx. 15 seconds
• Simple but complete Gigabit Ethernet tester: with comprehensive result screens, the easy to use GUI allows a quick and accurate overview of the tested Ethernet link. Status screens give a quick overview of the link. Test facilities include Ping test, Electrical Cable test and a Generator/Monitor test
• Pass through mode: With this the user troubleshoot the Ethernet link by analyzing live traffic
• Reflector mode: The unit can act as far end loopback for another test instrument, testing the Ethernet link.
• RFC 2544 analysis option: When the instrument is equipped with the RFC 2544 option, testing of performance parameters, such as throughput and frame loss, latency, packet jitter and burstability in compliance with RFC 2544 is straightforward.
• Ethernet Multistream option: allows testing a congested networks ability to transport high priority traffic rather than lower priority traffic. The user can activate up to 8 streams with different priority settings on the Ethernet line.
• Test Automator: Easy and quick execution of tests
• Report generation: With the powerful and flexible report generator the user can create .pdf files for selected results and provide professional documentation to the customers.
• Module of the Network Master family: removable module with no tools needed and without requiring calibration, interchangeable with other modules of the family allowing a deep characterization of access network


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