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VLS8 Visible Fault Locator  Visible Light Source for fibre fault detection

The VLS8 series visible light source is the first tool to add to any fibre optic tool bag. Nothing can find a close fibre fault better than a visible light source.  With its small size and long battery life, the VLS8 make this the ideal visible source to fault find patch cords, pigtails and connectors when an OTDR is unable to find a fault that is too close to the source.

The unit is suitable for both singlemode and multimode fibres and can be operated with a continuous beam or flashing at 2Hz for improved detection at long range.






The VLS-8 is a low cost visible light source that will trace fibre faults, poor splices, bends, breaks, stresses and damaged connectors. Visible red light at 650nm is used and any faults will glow when the light encounters them. Equipped with a 2.5mm ferrule, the VLS8 is suitable for direct connection to ST,FC,LC and E2000 connectors. Adapters are available to test LC or MU styles, SMA and plastic optical fibres (POF). The visible light source can also be used as a fibre identifier and continuity tester. Conveniently it is available in four power levels to test a range of distances, 1mW (5km), 10mW (12km), 15mW (14km) and 30mW (15km). In addition the unit can be modulated and the flashing light is more noticable and particularly useful over longer distances.

A visible light source is an invaluable tool that can identify many issues quickly and clearly, particularly near end issues that an OTDR can struggle with.

Visible Light Source Specifications
Model VLS8-1 VLS8-10 VLS8-15 VLS8-30
Laser launch Level Class 111A 111B 111B 111B
Output Power >1mW >10mW >15mW >30mW
Approximate Range in Singlemode fibre 5km 12km 14km 15km
Battery Life 23 hours 12 hours 10 hours 6 hour



General Specification
Wavelength 650 +/- 10nm
Emitter Type Laser Diode  
Optical Connector 2.5 mm universal Suitable for FC,SC,ST, E2000

Also available is a 2.5mm to 1.25mm adapter for connection to LC, MU type connectors

Adapters are also available for SMA connectors and Plastic Optical Fibres

Modulation CW & 2Hz  
Power 2 x AAA batteries  
Operating Temperature -10  to +50 degrees Celsius

<90% RH

Size & Weight 120mm × 33mm × 30mm   68 grams  
Supplied Accessories 2 x AAA batteries, manual, carrying pouch  
Optional Accessories 2.5mm to 1.25mm adapter

SMA adapter

Plastic Optical Fibre Adapter








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