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Networks OTDR Reporting Software

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Quick Overview

Drastically reduce OTDR reporting time from 4 hours to 15 minutes by switching to Networks Software. Click Here for the Datasheet.

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Networks OTDR Reporting Software is designed to dramatically speed up OTDR report generation by automatically processing OTDR Trace data. This has traditionally been a manual process that can take many hours of work. Click Here for the Datasheet.

Key Features

  • Exclusive Smart Splice Template feature for automated template generation
  • Provides desktop processing of OTDR and loss test set data
  • Familiar Windows® environment for ease of use
  • Batch processing to update and reformat multiple trace files in seconds
  • Batch display for quick visual inspection of up to 12 traces simultaneously
  • Multiple printing and reporting options create customized, professional results
  • Innovative report generation wizard for one step loss reporting
  • Achieve in 15 minutes what it could take 4 hours to produce by manually




Click Here for the Networks OTDR Reporting Software Datasheet

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