Showing an Optical Power meter for testing optical fibres

Optical Power Meter FHP2


Quick Overview

The FHP2 is a workhorse power meter that offers you a high quality instrument with 7 wavelengths, suitable for singlemode, multimode, Telecom, Datacom, and FTTx. With a large internal memory and download to PC, test reports can easily be generated. It comes in two versions FHP2A04 tests +10 to -70dBm and FHP2B04 tests +26 to -50dBm.

Optical Power Meter FHP2 is a high quality meter suited to telecom, datacom and general fibre testing. Test results are stored in a large internal memory and you can download results to a PC and generate reports easily. In addition you can synchronise the wavelength of the meter to the wavelength of a light source to speed testing. The optical power meter runs on rechargeable batteries, dry cells or directly from the mains charger so you are never without a powering option.

FC and SC connector adapters are supplied as standard and the FHP2 comes with a backlit display. Calibration at 850,1300,1310, 1490, 1550 and 1625nm makes the FHP2 suitable for multimode and singlemode testing. In addition the 1490nm wavelength is used in FTTx applications. 1625nm is used to test at the edge of the transmission window and can pick up bending problems more easily.

The FHP2 is available in two models for testing standard power or high power. The FHP2A04 will test power levels of +10 to -70dBm and is suitable for general testing. As an alternative the FHP2B04 will test from +26dBm to -50dBm. This unit is suitable for testing EDFAs, CATV systems and any higher power optical links.


  • Dynamic Range: FHP2A04 (+10 to –70dBm)    FHP2B04 (+26 to -50dBm)
  • Integrated with high performance optical detector
  • Auto-wavelength Recognition: The twinning function with laser light source automatically changes the wavelength to match the source and this reduces the need for communication between ends.
  • LCD backlight for easy operation in dark environments
  • Referencing function
  • Memory capacity of 1000 data items, enables data transfer to PC
  • USB connection
  • Connectors are interchangeable
  • Three powering methods: Internal rechargeable batteries or USB cable or dry cells
  • Wide dynamic range
  • High accuracy and stability
  • Auto power off function
  • dBm, dB, mW readout
  • Modulation recognition CW,270Hz,1kHz, 2kHz
  • FC & SC adapters supplied as standard





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