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The UCL Swift Splice on Connector makes terminations easy and reduces the need for bulky patch panels and termination boxes. Fibre management is greatly improved as splice bridges and splice organisers are not needed.

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This splice on connector series from UCL Swift makes termination of fibre optic connectors easy. The splice on connector parts include a connector body, a factory finished ferrule with fibre stub and back end boot . A variety of connector styles is available: SC, LC,FC, ST and there is an MPO version for use with ribbon fibre . The UCL Swift splice on connector system allows you to terminate a connector directly onto a fibre cable. The fibre cable is prepared and placed in a cable holder which is then transported between heat stripper, alcohol cleaning, optical cleaver and finally to the splice position.

Then the ferrule of the splice on connector is placed in a holder and the fibre end is stripped, cleaned, cleaved and positioned in the other splicing position. The ferrule is spliced to the cable and the assembly is then brought to the heat shrink oven where the heatshrink is heated to protect the splice. Finally the assembly is taken out and the connector body is secured in place. The result is a finished connector assembly completed in around 4 minutes

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