FAST Fibre Connector assembly showing the cradle and connector body within

FAST Fibre Termination


Quick Overview

The Fujikura FAST Fibre Connector Termination can be finished in 30 seconds and can be prepared using standard fibre tools. The connection method is straight forward and avoids the expensive tooling and complicated assembly procedures used with other methods. Termination is quick and reliable and the failure rate is low.

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The Fujikura FAST fibre connector allows you to fit connector ends onto fibre and single fibre cables quickly and consistently and with minimum tooling. The Connector is supplied in three or four parts.

  1. Connector body in its cradle tool
  2. Back end Boot
  3. Fibre tube (If 250 micron fibre is to be terminated)
  4. Connector Housing


When it is manufactured, the connector is terminated to a small piece of fibre which links the front of the ferrule to an internal v-groove containing index matching gel. The end face of the ferrule/fibre is polished in the factory. Prior to termination the cradle is pressed on the top to engage front and rear wedges into the connector which opens internal clamps. The fibre to be terminated is cleaved and then inserted into the connector.  The wedges are then disengaged and this causes the internal clamps to close and grip the fibre. The boot is pushed onto the back of the connector and the housing is then fitted and the termination is finished.

The FAST fibre connector is ideal for terminating fibres in the field and can be used in FTTx, Datacom, Oil & Gas, renewable energy, campus networks and a wide variety of applications.


  • Field installable with high yield
  • High reliability connector
  • Requires no polishing
  • No cumbersome assembly tools
  • Easy operation
  • Completed in 30 seconds
  • Universal for 0.25mm or 0.9mm coated fibre
  • Variants available for >2.0mmØ fibre & >3.0mmØ
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