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High strength fibre splices are achieved by using the Autostripper which heat strips the fibre prior to splicing. Bare fibre has a breaking strength of 56 Newtons and fibre stripped using a hand tool mechanical stripper has a breaking strength of between 1 and 33 Newtons and 60% of fibres stripped in this way will fail at under 20 Newtons

The Autostripper can improve on this and fibre stripped using the Autostripper has a breaking strength of between 41 and 44 Newtons.

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Auto Stripper is designed to strip various types of optical fibre using its heater plate to soften the fibre coating, a  motorised stage then drags the coated fibre across a blade which rips the coating off without touching the glass.
Hand tools that mechanically strip the fibre often contact the glass and can weaken the fibre and lead to weak splices that will fail over time. The Autostripper removes this risk and it always gives you a stable operation, high quality of stripping and improves productivity with its auto motor and LM guide bearing.  This method of stripping produces no cracks in the fibre surface and allows the production of high strength splices. You can adjust the heating time and temperature to handle different fibre coatings.  The heat stripping method ensures high strength splices are produced and that the number of splice remakes is reduced.


Applicable Coating 250 to 900㎛
Fibre Counts Single fibre or up to 12 fibre ribbon
Stripped length 30mm
Heating temp. 60 to 140 degrees Celsius
Temp. Setting Step 9 Steps
Heating Time 2 to 7sec
Time Setting Step 5 Steps
Power DC 12V
Dimension 154x64x76mm
Weight 750g

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 15.4 × 6.4 × 7.6 cm
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