Sku: CL30A

Quick Overview

The CT30A is a high quality fibre cleaving tool for use with fusion splicers.  The CT30A is the easiest to use fibre cleaver. The cleaver blade is pushed into position, the fibre is clamped in the v-groove and the cleaving arm is lowered to initiate the cleaving action. The design of the CT30A has been optimised so that every action is easy – the v-grooves are easy to see, the clamping is straight forward and the cleaving action is positive. The cleaving action also automatically sweeps the fibre offcut into the sharps bin.

Categories : CLEAVERS
  • Compact body & light weight
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Applicable up to 12-fiber cleaving
  • 48,000 fibers blade life (3 height x 16 positions)
  • Automatic fibre scrap collection


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