The imgae shows a fibre optic blowing machine called the Lady

Fibre Blowing Machine


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A fibre blowing machine saves time and money over installing fibre cables manually. The roll out of FTTx is happening now and you can deploy cables faster and with less effort using an advanced cable jetting machine.

Introducing The Lady


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The Lady is a new concept in fibre jetting technology – Robust and powerful yet compact and portable weighing just 5kg.

Fibre jetting machines have been around for several years and all are designed to blow cables but Fibernet wanted to make something better, a machine designed from the cable installer’s point of view.

First they made it fast at blowing cables with a high performance design and superior belt drives.  They gave it flexible powering using a detachable motor or simply with any commercial power drill which engages with the drive shaft. They gave it the ability to work on its own or with the aid of a compressor.  They made it really portable at 5kg and by simplifying the design, brought down the manufacturing costs to make it lower cost to you. With convenience and cost in mind they have built a machine that is easy to maintain in the field so that you save time, effort and cost.


Its double belt trasmission system transfers up to 150 Newtons of pushing force and can achieve speeds of between 70 and 110 metres per minute. Installing cable by hand could be done but the speed would be only 10 to 30 metres a minute. With this cable machine you will save precious time or reach equal or longer distances in half the time that you spent before.

Dual power capability

You can use an electric drill to power the belts or use the optional motor attachment and you have the option to enhance the fibre jetting performance by attaching a compressor

Designed to be better

Fibre blowing machines are often cumbersome, heavy, and designed with numerous bits that can be difficult to source or replace in the field. By contrast, the Fibernet design is compact, light weight at 5kg and every part is designed with precision. A simplified design means that there are fewer parts needed for maintenance.



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