Essential Fibre Preparation Toolkit

Fibre Preparation Tools


Quick Overview

The OP-1071F fibre preparation Tool kit has all the tools and consumables to handle fibres, cables, splicing equipment and fibre test equipment.


The OP-1071F Fibre Preparation Toolkit gives you the essential tools needed to prepare fibres for splicing and terminating. With fibre and cable stripping tools and cleaning consumables you are prepared for anything.

•Miller Tri Hole Stripper: fibre primary & secondary and jacket stripping tool
• Fibre jacket remover, tube remover (up to 3.2mm): Removes small diameter tubes that carry fibres.
• Fibre jacket remover, tube remover (up to 3.2 to 6.4mm): Removes large diameter tubes that carry fibres.
• Kevlar Cutting shears: Cuts kevlar and embedded sheath strength members.
• Heavy Duty Cable Stripper for 4.5 to 26mm cable sheath diameter: Removes outer and inner cable jackets allowing ring and longitudinal cuts.
• 1 litre Cin-Bin: Convenient store for fibre offcuts
• Optical Connector Cleaning Wand (2.5mm ferrule for ST, FC, SC, E2000): Cleans optical connectors before installation or testing and after installation when the connectors are housed in a patch panel receptacle.
• 2.5mm v-groove and inline cleaning buds (bag of 50): Allows cleaning of v-grooves in splicers and cleavers and the cleaning of middle alignments sleeves.
• Fluid Dispenser with lockable lid: Provides storage for Isopropyl Alcohol and easy access for cleaning fibres.
• Box of lint free tissues (280): Allows dry cleaning of connectors and cleaning of excessive dirt on connectors.
• Carrying Bag: Allows easy transportation of tools.

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