Training best in class

We provide training in fibre optics testing, splicing, general fibre optic technologies and understanding data communications. Our courses are largely practice based as this is the best way to learn the technology. We have courses suitable for singlemode telecom applications and multimode datacomm applications including a course in understanding datacommunications. If you need a more specific course covering a particular area of expertise we can develop or tailor courses to suit your needs.

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Fibreoptic Training
Our Fibreoptic courses give you the skills you will need to install optical fibre cables and systems. Opticus offers specific courses in splicing and fibre testing or courses that cover spicing, testing and terminating. In this course, a session of fibre theory is followed by a wide series of practical exercises in splicing, testing and termination of fibre cables. Whether you are new to the technology, reinforcing your current skills or involved in supervising and planning fibre installations, Opticus has a course suitable for you. You can see more details in the sections below and request pricing.