Special Offers

There are 6 different special offers available. Download and compare the PDFs available below!.

Splice on Connectors

Swift Fusion Splice-on Connectors offer many advantages to the fibre installer.
Speed, space saving, competitive pricing and the ability to splice connectors directly on to fibres - 250, 900 micron or 2 to 3 mm cables and fibre drop cables.

Latest Splice Test Bundles

Our best ever OTDR and Splicer combinations. Get the best deal for fibre installation tools.


Mantarobot is the telepresence robot that allows users to be in locations without actually travelling there. The Mantarobot gives the user a dynamic experience with control of motion around the building and viewing perspective and the ability to talk and listen to people, point to objects of interest and take high definition photographs.


14km VLS

14km range on singlemode fibre allows you to identify fibres in medium range networks. The VLS-6A and FHV1A can save you time and effort when testing metro and access networks. 

Fibre Training

OP-456-61 is a comprehensive Splicing, Testing and Terminating course in which you will learn all the skills needed to install a fibre optic network.
The course lasts 3 days and consists of an introduction to the technology including technology demonstrations. The rest of the course is practical training.
Prices from £1,160 excluding VAT (in Clydebank near Glasgow)


ILM-1 Source & Meter

£708 for a state of the art stabilized light source and professional power meter that icludes USB data transfer and easy test result report generation