Swift KF4A Pole Work Splicer (All in One)


Quick Overview

Swift KF4A is the highly advanced and accurate ACTIVE cladding alignment fusion splicer, designed to perform the major 5 multifunctional features systematically:  It Strips, Cleans, Cleaves, Splices and Sleeves the fibre.  In addition you can add an optional Power Meter and Visual Fault Locator for testing components.

The Swift KF4A is the best fit for fusion splicing at height or in confined spaces. It is ideal for FTTx installations and to fit Splice-On Connectors. The KF4A is a flexible and innovative fusion splicer that gives you a fast return on investment.

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The KF4A is a fusion splicer that gives you new options. Splice fibre, Splice on Connectors, Repair patch cords, Make pigtails and bespoke patch cords to exact specifications on site. It is not just a splicer, it is a splicing multi-tool.

The ideal FTTx splicer designed for working at height or in confined spaces. With 4 motor active cladding alignment the losses are very low, with a built in heat stripper the splices are always high strength. Able to splice connectors directly to fibre you can make your own pigtails and patch cords on site.  The All-In-One design combines splicer, oven, a built in heat stripper, precision cleaver and alcohol dispenser with test options of  built-in power meter and visible source – everything safe in one unit.

This splicer gives you maximum flexibility, capability and productivity.

All-In-One Design:                                                                                                                       

The All In One Design means all tools are in one platform so you don’t lose anything and you don’t drop anything when working at height. The splicer is light enough to be worn in a work harness. With the fibre stripper, alcohol dispenser and cleaver built in to the splicer there is no risk of losing or dropping these tools. With everything built in, everything is safe and you can focus on getting the job done quickly and professionally.

Heat Stripping:                                                                                                                             

When you strip fibres using hand strippers there is a risk that the fibre is nicked. This fibre damage can lead to weak splices and link failure.  The KF4A has a heat stripper built-in which softens and rips the coating off the fibre without touching the glass. This method is normally used in under sea joints but the KF4A offers this as standard.

Click here to see the strength advantages of heat stripping the fibre.

Active Alignment:                                                                                                                         

IPASS  Active Clad to Clad alignment ensure low loss splices of 0.02dB on singlemode and 0.01dB on multimode fibre.

Fibre Holders:                                                                                                                               

As an option the KF4A can operate with fibre holders which means you no longer have to worry about strip lengths and cleave lengths. The holders improve the precision and repeatability of the splicing operation. In addition holders for making fibre repairs and splicing on connectors are available allowing you to make your own pigtails and bespoke patch cords. (If you need a precise length 28 metre SCPC to LCAPC patch cord you could call your supplier for a 7 day delivery or – you can make one now on site in 6 minutes)

View the KF4A Datasheet Here!

Alcohol Dispenser:

The One-touch pump action dispenser is built into the splicer between the stripper and cleaver and is just where you want it and easy to refill.


The Auto rotating cleaver blade moves round after each cleave which ensures better cleaving and reduces the need for maintenance. A Built in Fibre Chip collector ensures a safe working environment.

Test Options:             

The splicer gives a splice loss estimation and with the Built-in Power Meter and visible source option a measurement can be made of the loss of Splice On Connectors or other components.

Resistance to Shock, Dust and Water:

The splicer with high reliability has stable performance even in a harsh environment.
l Shock – Free Fall : 76cm from 5 sides l Waterproof : IPx2 l Dustproof : IP5x
Compatible with Fusion Splice-On Connector (SOC) in accordance with the Industrial Standards.

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