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Swift K11 is the most advanced and best performance core-to-core alignment for every splicing purposed like medium and long range optical circuit, LAN, CATV, FTTx with least loss. With compact, light, rugged design and long life battery, it delivers high precision performance. Furthermore, 5 inch color monitor with touch screen offers users more convenient and efficient working process.

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SWIFT K11 Core to Core Alignment
The Swift K11 is the most advanced and best performing core-to-core alignment splicer suitable for every application including Telecom, LAN, CATV, FTTx  and offering fast performance and low losses. It is compact, light weight, rugged and is supplied with a long life battery. It delivers high precision performance and its 5 inch color touch screen offers users a very convenient and efficient working process.

Internet remote access maintenance

The IPAAS (Image Pattern Analysis Alignment System) ensures accurate alignment and low splice losses.
This splicer is one of the smallest, lightest and fastest among all the existing core alignment splicers.

Dimension : 143(W) x 163(L) x 140(H) l Weight : 2.25kg l Splicing Time : 6 seconds
Splice Protector heating : 9sec(IS-45 Sleeve, IS-45mode),13sec(IS-60 Sleeve, IS-60mode),
Resistance to Shock, Dust and Water
Shock-Free Fall : 76cm from 5 sides l Waterproof : IPx2 l Dustproof : IP5x
Powerful Lithium Polymer Battery with Large Capacity Performs 300 cycles of fusion splicing and sleeve heating with the standard battery
5 inch Color LCD Monitor with Touch Screen
Magnification : 200X, Max 400X
For user’s convenience the LCD monitor has been designed with touch screen in addition to the operation keys.

Bidirectional Operation System
The screen can be turned around to suit the user’s chosen viewing direction.
Equipped with Sleeve Loader to prevent contamination and provide convenience
While working in a manhole, the loader prevents the supplementary sleeve from falling and being contaminated.
Working in aerial space such as telephone pole, the loader also prevents the supplementary sleeve from falling down.

Detects the surrounding environment of temperature, humidity, air pressure and measures discharge calibration rate automatically.
Compatible with Fusion Splice-On Connector(SOC) to allow the production of bespoke fibre patch cords.

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