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The Opticus Product Catalogue shows the range of optical fibre, telecom, RF and Microwave products available. Clicking on the text link takes you to the latest OTDRs, BER testers, Signal Generators and Vector Network Analyzers.

*** Equipment Hire ***

Setting up to install fibre networks can be daunting so we make it simple with hire packages that won’t break the bank. Fusion Splicers, OTDRs, tools & cleavers - everything you need to deploy a fibre network - including the latest PON FTTH products from Anritsu and Fujikura. We offer short term rentals so if you only need a splicer or OTDR for a day or two that is all you pay for. When you hire a splicer, the cleaver and preparation tools come with it. When you hire an OTDR the right test cables are included. Simple! Each product comes with an easy to use guide so that you can become quickly familiar with the operation.


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Here you will find useful documents relating to fibre and telecom technologies

Cable, Antenna and Spectrum Analyzers

Our range of Cable, Antenna and Spectrum Analyzers are second to none in terms of price, performance and ease of use.


For testing Chromatic Dispersion in optical fibres the CMA 5000 CD/OTDR measures the chromatic dispersion, dispersion slope, and the zero-dispersion wavelength of any fiber type to allow optimized compensation. The CMA5000 Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) application characterizes the data rate capability of each fiber, quickly identifying which fibers are capable of providing higher data rates. For Optical Spectrum Analysis in the field the CMA5000 OSA400 and OSA425 offer highest performance in a field instrument. OSA 425 is the optimized cost OSA and OSA 400 gives the highest performance for your WDM system and provides lab specifications in a rugged field module. With best in class ORR, this OSA can compute OSNR measurements with very high accuracy. The unique flat top filter can drop signal up to 40Gb/s to do transport analysis. For component OSA measurements the MS9740 is best choice. This analyzer has the dynamic range, reception sensitivity and sweep speed required for measuring the characteristics of a wide range of devices.

Cybercrime Security

Cybercrime is an increasing problem for network managers but with MNIS™ you have a powerful tool to identify who is attacking your network and threatening your company’s security. Today’s network security issues are diverse and complex. Rapid innovation and installation of new applications, devices, and protocols complicate this environment allowing cybercrime perpetrators new ways to exploit information, disable networks, and facilitate offensive cyber security activities. Mantaro’s MNIS™ product family addresses these complexities and is architected to scale and maintain pace with the innovation of new technologies. It also allows access to both real-time and historical information.

Design Service

Mantaro Networks provides a full range of product development services to high technology clients. Highly talented professional engineers with a history of successful product development and innovative design experience are at your service to complete exisiting work or add resources to your current work load.

Fibre Cleaving

Cutting a fibre at 90 degrees is essential for low loss fibre splicing. The quality of the cutting tool or cleaver is paramount and a variety of cleavers are available with different performances. A high quality blade is essential along with a precision mechanism that is easy to use and clean. Regular cleaning and simple maintenance of the cleaver is important. In this section you will find details of cleaver types and advice on cleaving techniques.

Fibre Connectors

Optical connectors in different styles suitable for singlemode and multimode fibre

Fibre Stripping

Good fibre strippers are essential in preparing optical fibres for splicing and direct termination. The stripping action should remove fibre coating without damaging the glass and ideally should not touch the glass at all. Traditionally mechanical stripping tools are used but there may be better options such as heat stripping or chemical stripping. The nature of the coating will often dictate the technique used. The following section shows specialized stripping machines.

FTTP Fibre To The Premises

FTTP is the technology that brings fibre from the exchange all the way to the business or home (FTTH). Here you will find test equipment and components suitable for fibre to the home (FTTH) and fibre to the premises (FTTP) deployment. As the demand for bandwidth increases beyond the capability of copper networks, fibre deployment has become essential to deliver the required data rates of HDTV and superfast and ultrafast broadband. In the future, super HDTV and 3D TV will push the bandwidth needs further. What bandwidth rates will be reaching our homes in 5 years time? 100Mbit/s or 300Mbit/s for sure but people are talking about 1Gigabit, even 10Gigabit. Whatever it will be, it will be on fibre. In this area you will find the products you will need to deploy our new fibre networks.

Monitoring Systems

If you are deploying Next Generation Fibre Networks, you need to find faults quickly and easily with minimum cost. You can radically reduce running costs by deploying a PON or Remote Fiber Test System. These offer fibre network monitoring at the physical layer to speed up fault finding, service restoration and enable preventative maintenance.

We have two solutions for fibre monitoring:

The first is the Mechanized Fibre Test System (MFTS) from InLight Telecom designed to monitor point to point links and crucially the latest deployment of Passive Optical Networks - PONs used for Fiber To The Home and other FTTx networks that use optical splitters.

The second is the Unified Monitoring System from Lancier Monitoring that combines monitoring of fibre cables with monitoring of copper cables and Outside Plant facilities.

Network Testing

Network Test products for copper and fibre LAN cables and systems

Optical Attenuators

Optical attenuators can be used for Fibre network simulation or for limiting the power reaching a component or may be used in Bit Error Rate Testing in conjunction with a BER Analyzer

Optical Fault Locators

The Optical Fault Locator is a small easy to use instrument that finds the distance to faults and events in optical fibre cables. Optical Fault Locators use Optical Time Domain Reflectometry techniques and are ideal for fibre maintenance, and FTTx or short distance installations.

Optical Loss Test Sets

Loss testing of optical fibre systems is a fundamental measurement. We offer a variety of options from source and meter pairs, source and meter in one unit, to loss/return loss sets that measure loss and reflection levels.

Optical Meters

We offer a range of loss test equipment suitable for any application from simple power meters, sources, fibre identifiers and visual fault locators to automated loss sets and return loss sets. We have equipment suitable for long range fibres, FTTx and sources and meters suitable for GigE and 10GigE testing.

Optical Sources

With our range of multiple wavelength light sources you can test the latest fibre networks

Optical Visual Fault Locators

Visual Fault Locators can be used to test stresses in fibres

OTDR Trace Analysis

OTDR Trace Analysis software allows you to view and analyze OTDR traces on a Personal Computer


The MT9083 mini OTDR is the ideal tool for testing access fibre, PON networks, Metro rings and long distance fibres. Whether you are testing singlemode or multimode or both, the MT9083 has all the features you will need to complete the job in record time with the best accuracy. It is not just an OTDR – it comes equipped with stable source and power meter, visible source, microscope and IP tester can be added for the complete fibre optic test solution. If you need an OTDR that will also run other applications then the CMA5000 is the instrument. A wide range of interchangeable modules allow you to test OTDR, fibre loss and visible loss and also Chromatic dispersion and Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD). In addition, modules for Optical Spectrum Analysis (OSA), SDH / SONET and Gigabit Ethernet can be fitted. It makes the CMA5000 the flexible, portable test station that won’t let you down.

PIM Testing

PIM is a form of intermodulation distortion generated in cellular mobile phone systems.

RF Power Meters and Signal Generators

High bandwidth and sample rate RF Meters -ideal for accurate peak measurements on RADAR, Radio Navigation and Radio Location systems. Anritsu MG3641A and MG3642A Signal Generators meet the need for higher signal purity at higher frequencies.

SDH, SONET, GigE and Digital Test

A range of high performance SDH, SONET, GigE and Digital Test equipment including the MP1026A portable Eye Pattern Analyzer, MD1230/MP1590 Family of SDH SONET and GigE testers, The CMA3000 all in one data/transmission tester and the CMA5000 modular test platform.


The foremost splicing machines like the FSM-60S core alignment splicer, the FSM-18S cladding alignment splicer and the FSM-11S splicemate mini splicer offer superb performance and reliability.

Telepresence Robot

Telepresence Robots allow users to interact with people and environments at distance. They can be used in Education and in Business, Disabled access and Health Care and Security Systems.


We provide training in fibre optics testing, splicing, general fibre optic technologies and understanding data communications. Our courses are largely practice based as this is the best way to learn the technology. Check the foot of the page for the future training schedule.

Vector Network Analysers

We offer the MS2024/26 Handheld Vector Network Analyser suitable for tough environments up to the foremost laboratory VNA instruments such as the 37000D Lightning Vector Network Analyser

Wireless, WLAN and Radio Testers

The best in Wireless, WLAN and Radio Testers including dedicated test systems for W-CDMA/HSPA,GSM/GPRS/EGPRS. Digital Mobile Radio and Bluetooth.