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MS2830 Spectrum Analyzer

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The MS2830A is a spectrum analyzer/signal analyzer offering test features for  WiMAX, Bluetooth, WLAN, LTE,WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA Evolution and TD-SCDMA.

It has top-class measurement speed at a very competitive price. It has dynamic range which is best in class with average noise level [DANL]: –153 dBm.  It also offers third-order intermodulation distortion [TOI]: +15 dBm) and excellent ±0.3 dB (typ.) total level accuracy using unique level calibration technology. 


  • Top-class spectrum analyzer measurement speed
  • Supports ±0.3dB (typ.) total level accuracy
  • Best-of-class dynamic range at medium-class price
  • Spectrum analyzer supporting built-in signal generator and modulation analysis
  • Supports modulation analysis, such as 3GPP LTE FDD, 3GPP LTE TDD (TD-LTE), Mobile WiMAX (with optional software)
  • Excellent eco-friendly product with low power consumption of 110 VA min.

Frequency Range: MS2830A-040: 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz
MS2830A-041: 9 kHz to 6 GHz
MS2830A-043: 9 kHz to 13.5 GHz

Total Level Accuracy: ±0.3 dB typ. (include ATT switching deviation + frequency response)
*Note general "absolute" amplitude accuracy does not include ATT switching deviation and frequency response.
Dynamic Range: 168 dBm* *Difference between TOI and DANL as simple reference
Third-Order Intermodulation Distortion [TOI]: +15 dBm
Average Noise Level [DANL]: -153 dBm/Hz
Adjacent Channel Leakage Power [ACLR]: -78 dBc (W-CDMA: with noise cancellation function ON)
SSB Phase Noise: -107 dBc/Hz (@ 500 MHz, 1-kHz offset, with Opt-062)
: -113 dBc/Hz (@ 500 MHz, 10-kHz offset, with Opt-062)
: -133 dBc/Hz (@500 MHz, 100-kHz offset, with Opt-062)

*Important for measuring proximity spurious, phase noise, and narrowband communications


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