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MS2687B Spectrum Analyzer

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High-performance microwave spectrum analyzer covering 30 GHz

High-speed Internet services using Wireless LANs are spreading rapidly. High-speed hot-spot wireless services are appearing in hotels, offices, restaurants. 5-GHz Wireless LAN equipment and devices are being actively developed and there is urgent need for OFDM signal analysis. The MS2687B Microwave Spectrum Analyzer covers a frequency range up to 30 GHz and can measure up to 5th-order harmonics on 5-GHz Wireless LANs. Moreover, the MS2687B has a maximum RBW of 20 MHz and is ideal for measuring the burst power of wideband signals used by Wireless LANs. When the MX268730A Measurement Software is installed, the modulation accuracy, of each sub-carrier of the OFDM signal can be measured at high speed and high accuracy.


  • Optional measurement software (sold separately) for high-speed modulation analysis (0.5 sec. with IEEE802.11a)
  • Optional wide resolution bandwidth up to 20 MHz and narrow resolution bandwidth from 1 Hz
  • Optional power meter that measures up to 32 GHz
  • Data transmission speed approximately 10 times faster (GPIB transmission speed: 120 kbytes/s) ∗ Comparison with our conventional models
  • Optional rubidium reference oscillator for warm-up time of just 7 minutes

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