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37000 Benchtop Vector Network Analyser

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The Lightning 37000 family of VNAs offers the best overall value in any VNA. Above all, it is a solid performance VNA without any architectural compromises to reduce system cost. It is a mature platform that offers measurement speed that is more than suitable for the R&D environment. The 200 series 37200E is configured for passive measurements, without step attenuators or bias tees. The 300 series 37300E has the complete configuration for both active and passive components test

The Lightning 37000 series encompass a wide range of high performance component and system test tools designed to address the growing needs of defense, satellite, radar, broadband communication, and optoelectronic component markets. Complete measurements solutions to 20 GHz, 40 GHz and 65 GHz are available in microwave models 37x47E, 37x69E, and 37x97E, respectively.





  • Amplifier Testing – Automatically perform swept power gain compression or swept frequency gain compression.
  • Mixer Measurements – Directly measure frequency translation devices utilizing the NxN multiple device solution utility.
  • Multiport Testing – Add a multiport test set and perform balanced and differential tests on two or multiport devices.
  • Optoelectronic Devices – Measure E/O and O/E devices incorporating the de-embedding routine and photo detector transfer function.
  • Embedding/De-embedding – Manipulate S2P networks to automatically remove fixtures and devices or add effects of a known structure.
  • Calibration Choices – A full range of calibration choices from SOLT, offset short, and waveguide to the first commercially available Multiple Line calibration kit for metrology-grade LRL/LRM calibrations.
  • Adapter Removal Calibration – Adapters used during calibration are later “removed” for accurate measurements of non-insertable devices.
  • Multiple Source Control – Independently control two sources for testing of mixers, multipliers and frequency-translated devices.
  • Power Meter Correction – Accurately calibrate the power output of the analyzer for flat, leveled power across the entire frequency sweep.


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