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MG3700A Vector Signal Generator

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For measurement of wireless communications evolving into "high speed, large capacity, and wide band".

Wireless communications, which are now evolving rapidly, are moving into high speed, large capacity, and wide band. And next-generation wireless communications are addressing a new communication format that combines cellular phones with the access of wireless LANs.

MG3700A is a vector signal generator based on a 160 MHz arbitrary waveform generator that includes the features of "Wide vector modulation bandwidth" and a "Large capacity baseband memory." Furthermore, MG3700A supports digital modulation of signals for various wireless communication systems, enabling you to evaluate general mobile communications, such as cellular phones and wireless LANs.

Anritsu’s waveform generation software IQproducer™ can create waveform patterns and transmit them to MG3700A via 100BASE-TX Ethernet. Furthermore, IQ sample data files (in ASCII format) programmed by using general EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools such as MATLAB® can also be converted to waveform patterns for MG3700A. And a custom-made waveform pattern file can be generated arbitrarily.


  • Frequency Range 250 kHz to 6 GHz
  • Wide vector modulation bandwidth
  • High level accuracy
  • High speed waveform transmission by 100BASE-TX Ethernet.
  • 40 GByte hard disk is built in.
  • Large capacity baseband memory.
  • Waveform addition function
  • Standard 20 Mbps BERT analyzer is built in.

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