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LTS1315R Benchtop Return Loss Test Set

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The KD Optics LTSH series loss sets are a combined source and power meter designed to make insertion loss (LIM) and return loss (RLM) testing in the field easy, reliable and most importantly, consistent. To this end the source wavelength and the power meter wavelength are locked together to take out any wavelength measurement error. Ultra fast stabilisation of the lasers means that errors are less likely to be made due to laser stabilisation times. The unit incorporates a real time clock and 1000 location memory, so when a result is recorded, the date and time is stamped along with the loss insertion measurement (LIM), the measurement wavelength and the absolute power as well as an identification number. This result maybe printed out directly or downloaded to a PC.

Additionally the unit features a unique facility enabling manual setting of the dBrel figure, eliminating the need in many cases for two units to be referenced back-to-back locally before a LIM can be made. The LTSHXXXXRL optionally incorporates return loss measurement (RLM) capability with the ability to switch very easily between dBrel and return loss.


  • Auto laser selection
  • Ultra fast laser stabilisation
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Internal real time clock
  • Output to a PC or printer
  • Hand Held, rugged and compact

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