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MP1026A Eye Pattern Analyzer

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The rapid growth of the Internet is fueling the deployment of high speed next generation networks. Under tremendous pressure to accelerate deployment, engineers in design, manufacturing, and field organizations are using eye pattern measurements everyday to fine-tune, verify, and troubleshoot their designs. To complicate matters, deployment of new high-speed networks may require more sophisticated tools beyond the optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR), optical power meter (OPM), optical spectrum analyzer (OSA), and bit error rate tester (BERT) to troubleshoot problems on-site.

Eye pattern measurements are typically performed on a general purpose sampling oscilloscope which is often a shared resource because of its expense and complexity. Engineers often waste their time waiting to get access to this shared resource despite the attempts of their managers to increase their productivity. The better approach is to equip every engineer with an affordable instrument, tailored for everyday use, that doesn’t compromise on performance nor skimp on features. Every engineer’s bench should have an eye pattern analyzer.

Anritsu introduces the Bit Master MP1026A Eye Pattern Analyzer that offers eye pattern measurements for data rates from 0.1 to 12.5 Gbps in a handheld, rugged, and battery-powered instrument. With outstanding performance for the size, the Bit Master offers two compelling reasons for design, manufacturing, and field engineers to consider this innovative new product. First, the Bit Master is typically one-half the cost of a general purpose sampling oscilloscope. Second, the Bit Master is a practical instrument that enables engineers to increase productivity by more freely conducting eye pattern measurements on their network equipment and in their environment anytime, anywhere.


  • Eye pattern analyzer with two electrical channel inputs of 25 GHz bandwidth
  • Eye pattern and trigger-less pulse pattern displays of high speed signals
  • Measurements updated at 100 ksamples/sec
  • Optional external 62.5 µm FC connection optical channel supports multimode 850 nm, 1310 nm and 1550 nm wavelengths
  • Optional internal clock recovery unit (CRU) with 50 mV sensitivity
  • Handheld eye pattern analyzer that can operate on battery power for nearly 3 hours
  • Surprisingly affordable price

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