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Now you can easily isolate high losses and faults in optical fiber cable with the VFL-650 Visual Fault Locator. This handheld, visible laser source emits a bright beam of red light into a fiber, allowing you to see a break as a glowing or blinking red light.

Two versions are available: one with a universal port for 2.5 mm ferrule connectors (FC, SC, ST, E2000, DIN), and one which includes an adapter that allows use with 1.25 mm ferrule connectors as well (LC, MU).

The Visible light source is an ideal tool for identifying fibres or for checking continuity. Continuity can be checked in patch panels and in patchcords and for as much as 5km depending on the loss of the cable.

Use it in patch panels – light will leak out from tight bends or damaged fibre. It can also shine through damaged patch cords which have yellow jackets.

It can be used to check for bad connector ends and is the best tool for optimizing mechanical splices. Have you tried using a visible light source to identify singlemode and multimode fibre? 


  • Both CW and pulsed mode are available
  • Lightweight (<60 g)
  • 40 hours continuous operation
  • Cost effective solution

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