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CMA 5000 Optical Spectrum Analysis Application

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NetTest's CMA 5000 Optical Spectrum Analysis application (OSA) lowers DWDM installation and maintenance costs by providing industry leading spectral analysis of system critical parameters.

The OSA application facilitates accurate and efficient channel management, power balancing and tuning throughout the network by intuitively displaying the required information, including channel wavelength (or frequency), OSNR, system gain tilt and individual channel power or aggregate system power. Operating at 1450 - 1650 nm (S-, C- and L-band), the OSA application maintains industry leading accuracy over the entire temperature and spectral range. The OSA application is ideal for testing high-capacity DWDM systems at 30 dB of OSNR at 25GHz channel spacing.

The OSA application reduces the cost of measurement by providing you with complete spectral characterization at the touch of a single button. With a single unit, you can characterize a wide range of the S-, C- and L-bands. User defined configurations for DWDM testing let you measure only what you need.

Additional value is provided by an Exclusive Channel Select option that allows you to drop a wavelength for additional analysis. This application also incorporates high resolution, double pass Diffraction Grating technology.


  • Wide spectral range for characterization of the full telecom spectral range with a single unit
  • High wavelength and power accuracy in all conditions
  • Exclusive Channel Select option allows user to drop a wavelength for additional analysis for any modulation rate up to 40Gb/s (OSA 400)
  • High ORR: up to 65 dBc at 50 GHz from peak (OSA 400)
  • Easy-to-use one button complete spectral characterization
  • User-defined configurations for custom CWDM and DWDM testing
  • Reduced test time through targeted applications

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