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CMA5000 Polarisation Mode Dispersion

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The CMA5000 PMD application increases revenue through complete PMD characterization, to optimize high data rate networks. By utilizing the CMA5000's PMD application to characterize the data rate capability of each fiber and transmitting at each fiber's maximum data rate, the negative effects of PMD may be minimized. As a result, installers, carriers and system providers can release the full potential of high data rate optical networks.

Increase revenue through accurate PMD characterization:

  • Patented interferometric technique based on a pi-shifted Michelson interferometer
  • Comply to EIA/TIA FOTP-124 and IEC-61941
  • No auto-correlation peak for accurate characterization of all necessary PMD parameters: PMD, length PMD coefficient and second order PMD value

Added value through performance:

  • Multiple test modes simplify and automate tests for several applications including multiple scans and long term PMD testing.
  • All band testing through a large choice of light sources
  • Highest dynamic range on the market: 55 dB with standard light source and more than 64 dB with the high power source.

Reduced cost of measurement:

  • Fast measurement time: less than 8 seconds.
  • Test through multiple EDFAs
  • Easy to use touch screen interface combined with an innovative parameter set-up scheme
  • Professional, comprehensive reporting of all settings and test results in a standard .pdf format at the press of a button


  • PMD module
  • Optical sources
  • Dual 1310 nm & 1550 nm wavelength source
  • Dual 1550 nm & 1625 nm wavelength source
  • 1550 nm C+L wavelength source
  • 1550 nm High Power source
  • PMD Artifact

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