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CMA5000 Chromatic Dispersion / OTDR Application

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The field portable CMA5000 OTDR/ Chromatic Dispersion (OTDR/CD) measurement system is a dedicated module that combines the advanced capabilities of Anritsu’s OTDR technology with Anritsu’s experience in Chromatic Dispersion. The CMA5000 OTDR/CD measurement system gives installers and network providers a combined module that can be used as an OTDR and a chromatic dispersion measurement system, reducing testing times while increasing network performance. The CMA5000 OTDR/CD measurement system is based upon the industry accepted time-of-flight measurement method (FOTP-168) that can evaluate chromatic dispersion of individual fiber links. Utilizing a single fiber for the test and multiple wavelengths results in an increase in the accuracy of the measurement, as well as a reduction in the testing time. This translates into improved network performance and efficiency, resulting in increased revenue for the network provider.

Anritsu understands how valuable your time is, so we’ve provided intuitive, easy-to-use setup menus and single-button operation. The CMA5000 OTDR/CD measurement system has been designed to provide optimal test efficiency to facilitate quicker turn-up of services and reduce the cost of testing. The combined unit has an auto-test feature that will determine the optimum settings. In addition, intuitive setup menus guide the user through a few minor settings that minimize the testing and setup times. The field portable CMA5000 OTDR/CD is an accurate system available for measuring both Chromatic Dispersion, loss and attenuation on all single-mode fiber types providing installers, carriers and system providers increased revenue through optimized network bandwidth, while improving efficiency and reducing operational expenses through proper CD mitigation and compensation techniques.


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