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ML2480A Power Meter

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The high bandwidth and sample rate of the ML2480A provide accurate peak measurements on a variety of RADAR, Radio Navigation and Radio Location systems.

The ML2480A series has a many features tailored for peak power measurement on pulsed systems. The power meter can be easily set up to trigger on a pulse or sequence of pulses. Up to four independent gates can be set to measure the average, max and min powers on a sequence of pulses. The data for the max and min includes the timestamp and gives the user automatic display of the position and value of the maximum overshoot and minimum undershoot in each pulse.

A set of automatic marker functions gives pulse rise time, fall time, off time and Pulse Repetition Interval. The Delta marker can be set up to measure the droop of the pulse top. A single shot trigger is available to capture one-off pulse events.

The offset table function corrects the power meter reading to read the true output power when the power meter is being used with a coupler or high power attenuator in the radar test system.


  • Dual Display Channel
  • Measurement Gates
  • Markers
  • Trigger facilities
  • Test Limits
  • Presets
  • Settings stores
  • Remote Interfaces
  • Secure mode

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