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MG3641A Synthesized Signal Generator

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People have always valued crystals like quartz as a symbol of purity and good luck – quartz was used as jewelry by the ancients and the crystal ball still represents good fortune. But today, quartz crystals play another role in leading-edge electronics. For example, clear and reliable digital cellular phones depend on the precise vibration of the quartz-crystal oscillator. The worldwide proliferation of digital telephones requires ever-increasing capacity at even higher signal frequencies, and relies on signal purity in specified bandwidths. Anritsu developed the MG3641A and MG3642A Synthesized Signal Generators to meet the need for higher signal purity at higher frequencies. These two generators cover frequency ranges from 125 kHz to 1040 MHz, and 125 kHz to 2080 MHz with non-harmonic spurious of only –100 dBc and a setting resolution of 0.01 Hz/0.01 dB. A full lineup of easy-to-use versatile functions in a compact cabinet makes them essential tools for high-frequency measurement at on-site maintenance, as well as in R&D.


  • 0.01-Hz, 0.01-dB Setting Resolution
  • High Signal Purity (–100 dBc Spurious)
  • Versatile Modulation Functions
  • Excellent Carrier Wave Frequency Stability in FM Mode
  • Frequency and Level Sweeping
  • Large Memory for 1000 Panel Settings

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