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Cleaver Stripper Cleaner

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A fibre stripper, cleaver, cleaner, heat shrink, visible source and meter combined in one tool allows you to prepare optical fibres for splicing the latest generation of splice on connectors. 

Fibres are clamped in a holder and transported from heat stripper to cleaver and then to the splicer and finally back to the special heat shrink oven. Splice On Connectors are processed in a similar way and the fusion splice is contained within the connector body.

The quality of the splice is checked with the built-in visible laser and optical power meter.

The Multipack-F is compatible with splicers from major splicer manufacturers such as Fujikura, Sumitomo, Fitel and Ilsintech.

Splice On Connectors are becoming accepted as a convenient and stable way to terminate high quality connectors on site without using epoxy polishing techniques.
The connector is manufactured and terminated to a fibre in the factory producing a high quality termination which is fusion spliced on site. The result is the highest quality end face with the stability of a fusion splice connection to the fibre cable.

No epoxy, no polishing and no mechanical splice is used. Common mechanical splice connectors do not offer as stable a connection as fusion splicing. 
In addition the Multipack-F offers the advantage of a heat stripper which does not damage the fibre in the way that standard hand tools can.

For more information on the advantages of heat stripping read the information note Heat Stripping of fibres improves the strength of a fusion splice”.


  • Heat Stripper to improve fusion splice strength
  • Precision Cleaver with single action for increased speed
  • Built-in alcohol dispenser
  • Heat shrink oven able to handle Splice On Connectors
  • Built in visible source and power meter for connector testing
  • Low price - £800


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