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MS2024/25/34/35 Handheld Vector Network Analyzer

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The VNA Master™ MS2024, MS2025, MS2034 and MS2035 series of compact handheld multi-function instruments offer a portable and powerful vector network analyzer solution allowing you to do S-parameter analysis in the field anytime and anywhere. The MS2034 and MS2035 models also offer a high-performance spectrum analyzer with industry-leading ultra-low noise floor. Based on Anritsu’s 9th generation handheld platform, the VNA Master offers unmatched measurement breadth, depth, and precision; reducing the number of different tools needed to analyze modern communication systems in the field, on a tower, on a
flightline, or in a vehicle.


 Standard features are:
• 2-Port Vector Network Analyzer: 500 kHz to 4 GHz or 6GHz
• Spectrum Analyzer: 100 kHz to 4 GHz or 6 GHz
• Fast 850 μs/data point sweep speed, with ultimate flexibility in the number of points from 2 to 4001
• 15 minute warm-up, multi-term polynomial VNA calibration, 16 hour calibration stability
• -152 DANL in 10 Hz RBW on MS203x spectrum analyzer combo models

The MS2024, MS2025, MS2034 and MS2035 offer many options, including:

• Four models, including two with spectrum analyzer combos and two with extended coverage up to 6 GHz
• Distance Domain for distance-to-fault analysis of antennas, coax runs, connector/splice assemblies
• Vector Voltmeter
• High Voltage Bias Tee (for both VNA and Spectrum Analyzer applications)
• High Accuracy Power Meter (when combined with external USB power sensor)
• AM/FM/PM Modulation Analyzer
• Interference Analyzer
• Channel Scanner
• RSSI/SINAD Coverage Mapping
• GPS Receiver
• Optical Distance-to-Fault for single-mode fibre (when combined with Anritsu ODTF-1 module)
Site engineers can use the MS2024, MS2025, MS2034 and MS2035 to accurately and quickly test and verify the installation and commissioning of base stations, mobiles, and portables. The VNA Master is equally suited for preventative maintenance and troubleshooting to help ensure the operation of wireless network infrastructures, including broadband and microwave backhaul sy stems.

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