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Optical Amplifier (EDFA) Characteristics Evaluation

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The development of erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA) in the latter half of the 1990s supported amplification of signals using wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) and permitted the spread of long-distance, large capacity communications, such as optical submarine cables and optical subscriber systems.

Evaluation of EDFA characteristics as key devices in long-distance, large-capacity transfers described in IEC61290 and JISC6122 specifies the importance of gain and noise figure (NF) measurement items. This application note describes the measurement methods, advantages and precautions using the Anritsu MS9740 Optical Spectrum Analyzer to measure EDFA parameters.



1. Introduction
2. NF/gain Measurement Outline
3. Measurement Examples
    3.1 Level Interpolation Method (Direct Interpolation Method)
    3.2 Polarization Nulling Method
    3.3 Pulse Method
4. Summary

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