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Swift CI-03 Cleaver

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The CI-03 is the best cleaver for field technicians, it is compact and easy to use and the single action makes it convenient and less prone to wear. The CI-03 uses an oil damper system to ensure the blade contacts the fibre at a steady speed. This reduces stress to the fibre, ensures the best quality cleaves.

The CI-03 also includes a flexible clamping system to prevent vibration shock to the fibre during the cleaving process. This gives a dramatic quality improvement in the cleaved end face, core cracking, cleave angle and life span of the blade.

The CI-03 is a single action cleaver which does not need the user to engage the blade prior to cleaving as with some other cleavers. You simply clamp the fibre into the vee-groove and close the cleaving arm. The action of raising the arm engages the blade automatically ready for the next cleave.



Ideal for field Installation & Maintenance
Finest quality of cleaved end face
Improvement in blade life span
No crack in core
Single Operation cleaving mechanism



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