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 Direct terminating of connectors in the field has always been problematic. Heat cured connectors are the best solution but this requires a portable oven, hand tools and some time for completion (typically 70 minutes for 12 connectors) and a reasonable degree of skill. Alternative mechanical splice connectors do not require curing but have proved to be unstable in some cases. From experience in FTTH projects, Ilsintech have developed a low cost fusion splice-on connector.

The Swift Connector concept is simple; the connector is factory polished ensuring high quality and is then fusion spliced on to the fibre. The splice is protected in a short length, heat shrinkable splice protector which is further protected within the connector. The result is a stable, low cost, high quality connection that takes up much less space than traditional pigtails and patchcords.

The Swift Connector comes in SC,LC,FC and ST styles and UPC or APC polishes and is capable of being spliced to 250,900 micron fibres, 2 to 3mm cables, fibre drop cables and internal cables.



 No need for
- epoxy or polishing and use of matching gel in the field
- ovens or special tools in the field
- preparing optical cable to a particular length
- lots of space in termination panels and ODFs for storing cables and splice protectors
- high skill in hand cleaving and polishing of fibres

- Being able to fusion splice Swift Connector directly on to fibres - 250, 900 micron, 2 to 3 mm cables and fibre drop cables.
- Protecting the fusion splicing point inside of the Swift connector body - saves space
- Being able to test the fiber optic properties of the splice
- Enabling splicing directly onto break out cables and manifold cables
- Saving capital expense and work time
- Speed - connector completed in 2 to 3 minutes (30 to 40 minutes for 12 connectors)
- High quality splice and connector with low loss and high return loss
- Very low scrap rate compared to other methods

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