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The Exporter is the workhorse of the Mantaro Network Intelligence Solutions (MNIS™). It permits specific and general monitoring of network traffic including over 300 protocols and 3,000 attributes. The Exporter examines each packet, classifies it and extracts the user selected information on a per flow basis. Extracted information (metadata and content) can be streamed for real-time processing or passed to the MNIS™ Collector where it is entered into a database. The MNIS™ Exporter uses an extended IPFIX protocol for the transport of extracted information to desired destinations. It is currently available on x86 processors and supports speeds up to 20Gbps.
The Exporter is currently available in a 1U chassis using x86 processor platforms supporting two speed grades: 4Gbps (MNIS EX-04) and 20Gbps (MNIS EX-20). The 20Gbps platform utilizes Quad 8 Core (32 total cores) Intel® Nehalem processors with Dual 10G Ethernet interfaces. The 4Gbps platform utilizes a single 8 Core Intel® Nehalem processor with Quad 1G Ethernet traffic inputs.
Mantaro has integrated the Qosmos ixEngine deep packet inspection software with Mantaro’s control and IPFIX packet generation software to create the high speed packet processing engine. The output includes extended IPFIX formatted metadata as well as packet information content such as email attachments, email bodies, Instant Message text, and VOIP.
The MNIS™ Exporter product supports survey applications up to 20Gb/s. Intuitive GUI controls enable simple configuration and selection of network survey and directed search parameters. Mantaro’s products support the industries largest range of protocols and attributes. Extracted data is transported in industry standard based protocols and can be directly stored in a database enabling easy access by multiple entities to the rich data sources extracted.
Packets are classified by the ixEngine software configuration according to flows based on protocol and user data fields and characteristics. These packet examination capabilities are particularly advanced in the ixEngine software permitting truly deep DPI of every packet to OSI layer 7 and beyond including many commonly applied applications. The MNIS™ Exporter analyzes all traffic according to a series of filters and attributes sets selected via the user interface. Currently over 300 protocols/applications and more than 3000 attributes are supported by the system.



 x86 Based Exporter
- 1U Server Chassis
- Quad 8 Core Intel® Nehalem
- Up to 256GBytes memory
- Quad 1G I/O option
- Dual 10G I/O option
- 20Gb/s classification
Processing Features
- Widest and deepest range of
traffic supported
> Over 300 Protocols supported
> Over 3000 metadata
attributes selectable
- Survey and directed search
modes of operation
- Targeted content extraction
> Email body and attachments
> VOIP call content
> Myspace
> eBay search terms

Data Collection & Storage Features
- IPFIX standards based
information export
- Storage to database
> Teradata
> Oracle & IBM (future)
- Over 3000 metadata attributes
- Broad suite of OTS tools
available to analyze database
- Multiple simultaneous access

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