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Mantarobot makes its UK television debut at 8am Christmas Eve in the Cool Stuff Collective on CITV and is repeated at times throughout the following week. Find out what Vicky and the Blowfish make of it!

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The MantaroBot™ Telepresence Robot enables you to “be” somewhere you are not – so you can see, talk, hear and move in a distant location without leaving your own site or office. Mantarobot applications include 

BUSINESS: Attend distant meetings, visit subsidiary offices, training remote customers, Quality Assurance inspections

SECURITY: Monitor remote sites, confirm physical changes or threats and investigate building access violations without travelling to the location.

HEALTHCARE: Enable access to patients for distant relatives, enable consultation with remote medical staff, allow patients to “virtually” be at home with family

EDUCATION: Enable distant students or lecturers to attend classes. Enable students with restricted mobility access to classes.

The Mantarobot telepresence robot waits at the distant location and a simple Skype™ call from your laptop and you’re there. See what’s going on, tour the factory, take part in meetings, check out quality issues, share ideas, visit colleagues. If you really can’t attend a meeting in person due to other commitments, call the local Mantarobot and still take part. The telepresence system provides a level of interactivity which is not present with traditional “call-in” tele-conferencing techniques. You can physically move around the room and observe other people, their body-language and their environments. As long as you have an Internet connection, anyone can access the MantaroBot™ TelePresence Robot.





Attend Meetings
“Be there without being there”
Attend distant meetings
View & discuss “whiteboard” interactions
Attend meetings when working from home
Visit a subsidiary office
Save travelling time
Cut travel costs
Reduce your carbon footprint
Company-wide benefits: Departments share use of Mantarobot

Sales & Customer Service
Communicate better with customers
Give them access to your staff and facilities
Train customers remotely
Allow them to view your office and factory
Allow Sales Engineers to be at meetings when they are “on the road”
An hour on the laptop rather than a day driving to the meeting.

Monitor remote sites 
Confirm physical changes or threats
Investigate cause of building access violations without travelling to the location.
Inspect damage

Enable distant students to attend classes and lectures
Enable students with restricted mobility access to classes
Allow remote teachers to deliver classes at distance 

Healthcare Services
Offer distant family improved access to ill relatives
Enable consultation with medical staff and carers
Enable remote staff to attend meetings
Monitor distant patients – reduce bed blocking
Allow medical patients to "virtually" be at home and interact with family

Remotely Inspect distant locations.
Remotely Inspect dangerous locations.

Theatres, Art Galleries & Museums
Enable remote viewing of plays and concerts
Enable remote viewing of works of art
Offer remote access for research
Enable remote access to those with restricted mobility
Promote tourist attractions

Allow customers to view goods remotely
Enable remote access to those with restricted mobility
Provide a personal consultation to remote customers

Activate a home based Mantarobot to monitor your home when you are on holiday
Activate a business based Mantarobot to monitor your business when you are on holiday.
Enable contact with a distant elderly relative


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