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The CMA5 Series Light Sources provide an economical and stable laser source for use in point-to-point attenuation measurement. They feature a rugged design, built to withstand the difficult testing environment of fiber optic cable installation and maintenance.

A dual-way powering system including a 9V battery and an optional power adapter, ensure the CMA5 series will adapt to any situation. To further protect your investment, a 3 year warranty is standard. The CMA5 Light Sources are ideal for testing single-mode and multimode fibers as they are offered in a variety of wavelengths to meet testing applications from datacom with 850 and 1300nm to WDM with 1310/1550/1625 nm wavelength.

Single and dual wavelengths models are available and have only one output port. Based on advanced technologies of precision laser control, with modulation tones and no warm up time, the CMA5 Series helps reduce measurement time.


Pocket-sized and rugged design
Three-year warranty
Up to two wavelengths on a single port to address all network types, from datacom to WDM
Interchangeable fiber-optic adapters

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