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An economic light source ideal for mass deployment. The FHS1 series is designed for measuring fibre loss in conjunction with a suitable power meter such as the FHP1 power meter.
The FHS1 series is ideal for customers who need a cost effective source that does not compromise on quality. It offers excellent stability, CW or modulated output and comes in two versions - 850/1300nm for multimode and 1310/1550nm for singlemode .

About the size of a mobile phone, the small size and weight make it the best choice for the field engineer. It is a low cost instrument that comes with an FC output connector as standard although the unit can be configured with others at time of order. With a 3 year warranty and recommended calibration cycle it is a great choice if you have to equip a team of engineers.


2 wavelengths from one output connector
Singlemode & multimode versions
Easy-to-use, straight forward operation
Handheld size
LCD backlight for easy operation in darker environments
Rechargeable battery inside
Three-year warranty and recommended calibration interval

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