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FSM60s fusion splicer Hire

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Core Alignment Fusion Splicer - ideal for splicing difficult singlemode fibres and dissimilar fibres.

The Fujikura FSM-60S includes calibration-free arc adjustments, automatic fibre type identification, and minimal operational steps. The FSM-60S allows USB download of splice results and software upgrade over the internet.
Splice singlemode, multimode, dispersion shifted and non-zero dispersion shifted fibres with an average splice loss of just 0.02dB on singlemode fibre.
Use the splicer on 40-mm, 60-mm and micro sleeves. It is fully automatic up to 5000 metres with automatic temperature compensation. Of its 100 splice modes, up to 60 are pre-programmed and 40 are user-programmable. Splice protection sleeve heater modes include up to 20 pre-programmed and 10 user programmable for a total of 30. Store 2000 splicing data records.
The wind protector design withstands 15 metres/second cross wind. Dual CCD cameras with high-resolution 4.1" TFT colour LCD provide excellent visibility in bright sunlight.


• Highly durable – designed for tough environments
• World’s most compact & lightest of its class
• Core alignment with auto-fibre identification (PAS)
• 9 sec. splice time & 30 sec. tube-heat time
• Auto-start tube heater
• Optional fibre clamping methods
• Splice image capture facility
• Splice result download and software upgrade via Internet

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