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FHA2S01 Variable Optical Attenuator

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The FHA digital variable optical attenuator is a rugged, compact and portable instrument ideal for BERT measurements, margin measurements and fibre simulation. It can be used in the field and in production and laboratory environments. It offers high repeatability, low insertion loss and high return loss along with the convenience of interchangeable connector adapters.


*  Low insertion loss, wide attenuation range
*  Three attenuation steps available:  10dB, 1.0dB, 01dB.
*  Low power consumption
*  Interchangeable connectors SC/ST/FC

Wavelength:  1310nm & 1550nm
Attenuation Range:  3 to 60dB
Max Input Power: 24 dBm
Return Loss:   >60dB(APC),  >50dB(PC)
Dimension:  160L*76W*45H
Weight:  360g( including battery)

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