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CMA5000 Gigabit Ethernet Module

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The CMA5000 Gigabit Ethernet module features four full gigabit line rate ports - two GBIC ports and two RJ-45 electrical 10/100/1000 ports. Test basic networks with the T’Gen / Monitor application. The RFC-2544 application measures critical parameters during network installation, including throughput, latency, burstability and frame loss (as detailed in RFC 2544). For in depth troubleshooting, the Channel Statistics option allows the user to quickly identify the root cause of network impairments, not just the symptoms. Channel Statistics presents detailed statistics on all traffic received for up to 8,000 individual Ethernet or IP addresses, VLAN tags or MPLS labels. Full line rate traffic generation and shaping for 10/100/1000 BASE-T, 1000 BASE-SX, 1000 BASE-LX AND 1000 BASE-EX networks, combined with comprehensive professional reporting, ensures the easy installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and documentation of 10/100/1000 Mbps based Ethernet networks.


  • Variable line rate traffic generation, up to full line rate
  • Configurable IP and Ethernet source and destination addresses (Support of IPv4 and IPv6 addressing)
  • Unicast and broadcast frames
  • EtherType II (DIX V.2), IEEE 802.3 with 802.2 (LLC1) and IEEE 802.3 with SNAP encapsulation
  • Adjustable frame size from 44 bytes to 10,000 bytes provides testing of undersize, oversize, and jumbo frames
  • User definable VLAN ID and VLAN priority
  • Configurable data field (payload) supporting PRBS or user defined payload
  • User definable traffic mix (Broadcast and Unicast)
  • Frame sizes may be set to constant, stepped, or random length to emulate real world traffic profiles
  • In addition, when used with Ethernet or IP address swapping, all measurements may be performed in loopback

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